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My name is David but most people call me Popcorn and I have multiple writingn contribution. That anyone can acquire   from me for a small fee for instance, do you need some assistance saying “I love you” to a significant other but you can’t the pinpoint the right words to    jot down or the words I love you just won’t come of your mouth. Or what if it’s   possibly your 90 years, grandmother   and last birthday and you need what said on her birthday card to be so intimate that it her make her laugh out of loud until she wept until she ran out of tears.

Or it’s your grandfather   funeral and family ask you to write an exceptionally personal unforgettable eulogy for the man that had 9 dollars in his pocket and a dream. That man put all 6 of his through college and became a millionaire.? I can write down words with a fountain pen on your behalf that can mends a broke heart and turn hate rivalry into love companionship.

For words that can bring turn hate into love and give youth to elderly for moment.  Or perhaps a practical joke for someone desperaq. . b MBtely need for laugh. The cost of for small miracles on paper are $20 for 1-20 lines, and $25 for hilarious, terrifying and spine-tingling brief stories?  $30 for 1000 I also am taking donation so that I can continue my college education.  So that I can pursue my goal and is become a writer for NBC-CBS-ABS and EVENTUALLY write screenplays for living.   SO, HELP ME FUTHURER MY COLLEGE EDUCATION BY SEND SOME DINER0   MY WAYAND IN RETURN IW MY GOALGIVE ME A CHANCE TO WRITE YOU SOMETHING Amazing So call me at 254 892 8127 or email me at

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