My Urology

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Urology  


Friends, family as well as love one and whoever else if you are hearing this then my illness has taken a turn for the worse. My sickness is at point where my mind is trapped in the past, making it difficult to live in the present. I have decided to leave everyone who knows me.  I am going to Tibet to become a monk and live secluded life.

Remember me for man I became, and not for man I will become, remember for the man that tried to change the world or how ecstatic I became when I fulfilled my dream by becoming New York Times Bestselling Author.

 Remember me, chant my name Popcorn-whenever your drink at RJ or clubbing Rasputin. Honor me by remembering that I was confident positiv 

that I remind people when they were suffering and going through adversity that nothing permit not even death.

 I want you to flaunt and divulge to people that it was a fella from Vermont. Who   combined chocolate and bananas and made cookie out it, and that cookie became one of the  most desired aromatic delicious respectable cookie in in the world, and don’t forget the most significant considerable thing I did-and that was brokering a deal that allowed man and women who bodies are held hostage (Prison) by getting the jail and state to agree to allow inmates to be able buy E-Cigarettes off of 


If you are listening to this, then I extremely confidently that my name won’t get lost. I seek immortality and to do that you do stuff worth remembering, and leaving things behind worth finding.  I have also concealed some jewel near the place where Jim Hendricks died. I buried the guns that shot 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G family home of the deputy that Bob Marley didn’t’ shoot: and the manuscript to O.J book called I didn’t kill Nicole. I hid it under big rock, not far from where I use to live in Green Ghetto. Popcorn, I want you to remember that nothing permit not even death, we will meet again


  1. bunny48 says:

    Are you sure you aren’t confusing Monk with Hermit? I don’t think you can just run off and join a colony of Monks. I believe there is a whole process involved. Vows to take, etc. A Hermit, however; is far easier. If this is your true dream, I wish you well in your endeavors. Will miss you here at WordPress as writing from wherever you are is usually good therapy for whatever ails you.


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